Monthly Archives: January 2015

AA Predicts Possible 10% Rise In Car Insurance Premiums

According to the most recent AA British Insurance Premium Index, we could see car insurance premiums rise by as much as 10% here in the UK by the end of this year. In the last quarter of 2014, the index … Continue reading

Speeding Fine Numbers Increase

According to data provided by the Ministry of Justice, the number of speeding fines issued in 2013 hit 115,549 here in the UK. This was the largest set of figures since 2009 and has no doubt had an impact upon … Continue reading

Young Drivers Faced With High Premiums

It is no secret that a young motorist is going to have to pay a high premium for their car insurance. This should not come as a surprise as a newly qualified driver that is 18 years of age has … Continue reading

Five Ways To Possibly Reduce Your Car Insurance Premiums

With average car insurance premiums appearing to be on the increase as we move into the New Year, we thought we would take a look at some ways that you could possibly reduce the cost of such cover. Obviously, in … Continue reading