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Some Range Rovers In The Capital Attracting Car Thieves

One of the factors that affect the premium that you pay for your car insurance is where you leave your car parked overnight. For instance, if you park it in your garage it is likely to cost less to insure … Continue reading

The Implications Of Not Insuring Your Car

Perhaps we should explain when you must insure your car from a legal point of view before looking at the implications if you are not insured. Unless your car has been declared SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) and you have … Continue reading

Are Car Insurance Premiums On The Increase?

Let’s be honest, many people have seen the cost of insuring their cars drop in recent years. However, have we now seen the end of such reductions? We say this because of the information contained in the car insurance … Continue reading

The Benefits Of Multi-Car Insurance

We are sure that you will agree any way that you can save some money has got to be welcomed in the present financial climate. Yes, there may be an evident improvement in the economy but we could all do … Continue reading