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Any Driver Car Insurance

When arranging car insurance, the majority of people either take out a policy with just themselves as being on the policy or they arrange for their spouse to be a named driver. When adding someone else to the policy it … Continue reading

Does Where You Live Affect Your Car Insurance Premium?

Based upon data included in the AA British Insurance Premium Index the answer is a resounding: “Yes”. Depending upon where you reside in the UK can have a huge impact on the price that you will have to pay for … Continue reading

Why Could Your Premium Increase If You Are Involved In A Motoring Accident?

Risk plays a significant factor when it comes to working out what your car insurance premiums are going to be. There are so many things that affect the cost such as the type of vehicle you drive as, if you … Continue reading

BMW Offers A Form Of Telematics Insurance

We have previously mentioned about telematics car insurance that is also known as “black box” insurance. This sort of insurance really does appear to have its benefits, in particular for the younger driver. As you may be aware a black … Continue reading