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Survey Reveals 9% Of Motorists Unaware Car Insurance Is Compulsory

Kwik Fit has hundred’s of tyre and brake fitting centres around the UK and also carry out many MOTs each year. They have recently had a survey conducted of just over 2,000 adults in this country some of which makes … Continue reading

Staying With The Same Insurer May Not Be A Good Thing

Interestingly, over 30% of motorists just let their car insurance policy continue automatically when it comes up for its annual renewal. It is estimated that this is costing those drivers around £2 billion as this is the approximate figure that … Continue reading

The Benefits Of An MOT

Firstly, it is worth pointing out that MOT stands for Ministry Of Transport and is a periodic test that needs to be carried out on motor vehicles. In most cases the test is undertaken when a car is 3 years … Continue reading

The Impact Of Adding An Additional Driver To Your Car Insurance

Many people presume that by adding someone else to their car insurance policy so that they can drive your vehicle and have the same cover as you on your car that the premium will increase. However, this need not be … Continue reading

How May You Lower Your Premiums?

Although the UK economy is looking a little bit healthier in recent months, many people are still struggling financially. So, we thought that you might find it useful to explore a number of ways that you may possibly be able … Continue reading