Monthly Archives: February 2014

Do Worn Tyres Affect Your Car Insurance?

This is a question that often crops up and, for once, it is a question that is easy to answer. Yes, worn tyres could invalidate your car insurance. Your car insurance company expect that any vehicle that they insure is … Continue reading

The Pros And Cons Of Paying Monthly For Your Car Insurance

When it comes to paying your car insurance premiums you tend to have two choices in terms of how often you make those payments. If you want to, you can pay annually or you can choose to make payments monthly … Continue reading

Why Is Customer Service Important?

When it comes to choosing which company to arrange your car insurance with, there may well be more than one factor that plays a part in your selection criteria. Having said that, for a larger percentage of people, the main … Continue reading

Online Driving License Data Could Result In Cheaper Car Insurance Premiums

Surely anything that can be done to help either contain or reduce car insurance premiums has got to be supported especially with so many struggling to pay their household bills. Therefore, it was great to hear some good news emanating … Continue reading