Monthly Archives: December 2013

European Driving

There are many thousands of UK motorists that choose to travel to Europe in their cars to enjoy a well-earned holiday. Most journeys are either made by ferry or using Eurotunnel and there is an excellent road network once you … Continue reading

Is Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance Worth Purchasing?

Although the financial press are of the opinion that we are coming out of a difficult economic period here in the UK, it is likely to be some time before we see the full benefit of this filter through to … Continue reading

Is Third Party Car Insurance Adequate?

You are no doubt aware that there are three levels of car insurance with those being third party, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive. As a general rule it is likely that third party cover is the cheapest … Continue reading

What Do You Do With Your Car Insurance Renewal Notice

Every year we receive our car insurance renewal notice either through the post or via an e-mail notification informing us that it is visible online. That is fine but what do you do with yours when you receive it? Many … Continue reading

UK Motoring Costs Are High

According to a survey carried out by, drivers in the UK, over a 12-month period, are paying more to keep their cars on the road than in 20 other major countries around the world. So let’s have a look … Continue reading