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Is It All About The Price?

When you go shopping to buy an item of clothing there are a number of things that most people take into account in their decision making process. For instance, you may have a favourite shop that you visit because you … Continue reading

Which Optional Extras Should You Select With Car Insurance?

As if you haven’t had to make enough decisions when looking into purchasing your car insurance such as the level of cover along comes a list of optional extras that, if chosen, will increase your premium further. So, what sort … Continue reading

Which Classification Of Car Insurance Do You Need?

Many people may not even realise that there are a number of different “classification of uses” of car insurance and it is important that you are in the correct one otherwise your car insurance provider may not pay out in … Continue reading

The Cost Of Adding An Inexperienced Additional Driver To Car Insurance

I thought that I would write about my experiences of the last few days when I looked into adding my son to my wife’s car insurance on which I am named as an additional driver. My wife and I are … Continue reading

How To Possibly Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Although there is a feeling that we may be seeing an improvement in the economy there are still many people that are struggling financially. So, as a result, householders tend to look for ways to reduce their regular outgoings. There … Continue reading