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Do Modifications To Your Car Affect Car Insurance Premiums?

As if you are not paying enough in car insurance premiums, had you given any thought to the impact modifications can have on your car? It may be your pride and joy that you love to tinker with, making modifications … Continue reading

Why Just Take Out Third Party Car Insurance?

In the current economic climate many households are struggling to pay their regular bills so any cost savings that can be made are often most welcome. So, what can be done in this respect as far as your car insurance … Continue reading

Car Insurance Quotes For Lady Drivers Ease

There have been some large changes in the cost of car insurance for lady drivers in recent months – in particular following the EU Gender directive that came into force on 21 December 2012. Following that announcement, car insurance premiums … Continue reading

Improved Safety Standards Could Help Young Motorists

You must be aware that the younger motorist pays more for their car insurance than any other driver when taking age into account. In fact, car insurance premiums are so restrictive for youngsters that many of them cannot afford to … Continue reading