Monthly Archives: January 2013

Attending A Speed Awareness Course

The writer of this post thought it would be useful to many motorists to share his experiences of attending a speed awareness course only yesterday. The reason for attending the course was of course for exceeding the speed limit. The … Continue reading

Young Women’s Car Insurance Premiums Increase

During the last quarter of 2012 car insurance premiums for young ladies increased by an average of 16.4 per cent. This may have been in anticipation of the impact that the EU gender directive was expected to have that came … Continue reading

The Impact Of Speeding On Car Insurance Premiums

Car insurance premiums are expensive enough without you potentially adding to the cost especially in the current economic climate. So, why take the risk of seeing your car insurance premiums increase significantly by going above the speed limit whilst driving. … Continue reading

Black Box Car Insurance

Many car drivers are facing further increases in their car insurance premiums during 2013 following the European Union gender directive that no longer allows car insurers to distinguish between male and female drivers as far as their gender goes. It … Continue reading

Further Rises In Car Insurance Premiums Forecast

Many female motorists are starting to receive their car insurance premium renewal notices through their letterboxes and seeing a hefty increase in their premiums due to the European Union gender directive. Now it is felt by insurance experts that further … Continue reading