Monthly Archives: December 2012

Types Of Car Insurance

This is the time of year when you may have spent more than you intended and wouldn’t mind finding ways of reducing your household expenditure. A potential option could be to make some changes to the type of car insurance … Continue reading

Car Insurance Premium Increase Looms For Some Women

We make no apology for raising this topic once again because in a few days time, on the 21st December 2012, the EU Gender ruling comes into force and it will have a huge impact on car insurance premiums for … Continue reading

The Implications Of Drink Driving Are Severe

It is perhaps rather timely at this time of year to raise the question of the potential implications of having a few drinks at the office party and then driving your car home. In doing so you may be putting … Continue reading

Wildlife Car Insurance Claims On The Increase

The car insurance arm of the AA has revealed that the number of car accident claims involving animals has increased. However, the animals involved tend to be not so much from the domesticated variety with more wild animals being responsible … Continue reading