Monthly Archives: December 2011

OFT Reveals The Reasons Behind Rising Premiums

After declaring that it would be looking into rising car premiums this September, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has now launched a full scale investigation into car insurance costs as a response to an overwhelming public outcry in the … Continue reading

“Fronting” On Car Insurance Takes Heavy Toll On Parents

Although everyone has been bearing the brunt of rising car insurance costs, it turn out that some have to bear more than others, as a Telegraph recently pointed out. A woman who was paying an annual car insurance premium of … Continue reading

Don’t Go Easy On Uninsured Drivers, Insurance Director Says

The director of a well known car insurance comparison website has expressed concerns over the fact that uninsured drivers are not being punished severely enough for dodging car insurance. Simon Douglas, the director of a prominent car insurance company, has … Continue reading

Insurance or Not, Getting Hit By Uninsured Drivers Is Going To Cost You

The number of drivers in UK behind the wheel without proper insurance has risen to approximately 1.4 million. This highlights the fact that if an accident ever occurs involving an uninsured driver, those who have their insurance intact will be … Continue reading