Monthly Archives: November 2011

Opposition Pushes Cheaper Premiums For Young People

The Opposition has laid down some proposals that would come as happy tidings to the UK youth, if passed. According to the Labour party’s proposals, young people now stand to enjoy lower insurance premiums on the condition that the cars … Continue reading

Job Titles Could Make The Difference In Proffered Insurance Quotes

A study conducted by a leading car insurance comparison website has resulted in establishing a cause-and-effect relationship between car insurance quotes and the owner’s occupation. It has been proven that certain occupations tend to have a soft spot for a … Continue reading

Citizens Much More Likely To Compare And Switch Insurance Providers

Car insurance companies beware ! If you don’t ante up the insurance premiums you offer to your customers, chances are highly likely that they will be switching providers before long. A recent survey conducted by a reputed car insurance comparison … Continue reading

Pre-Owned Cars Bear The Brunt Of Public Angst

If you’re planning to buy your car and choosing a cheap car insurance policy, you’ll be better off with a first-hand car. Chances are, if you end up buying a pre-owned car, your insurance quotes will be skyrocketing. This year … Continue reading