Monthly Archives: October 2011

Car Insurance Costs Finally on the Decline

After many months of continuous rise, the latest Car Insurance Price Index released by global consulting firm, Towers Watson and a car insurance comparison website show that car insurance costs are finally on the decline. According to the Car Insurance … Continue reading

Many Motorists Admit Using Phones While Driving

According to research done by a car insurance comparison website, almost 40% of drivers admitted to checking their mobile phones while driving. This fact highlights the need for a good car insurance policy as these motorists could cause serious accidents. … Continue reading

Car Insurance Becomes More Restrictive

The rules for getting car insurance have become a lot stricter due to the government’s efforts wipe out uninsured driving. Motorists who do not wish to pay car insurance will have to issue an off-road notification to the Driver and … Continue reading

Classic car insurance

If you go to any car insurance comparison website, you will see that many car insurance companies are not in the business of restoration, although they have specific policies for classic cars. Despite this fact, many try to convince the … Continue reading

Buy a Green Car to Save the Environment and your Money

With the ever increasing concerns about climate change and global warming, many car companies have started manufacturing cars filled to the brim with technology that helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released by the engine of the car. Buying … Continue reading

Jack Straw Speaks out about Car Insurance Costs

Former Home Secretary Jack Straw has told MP’s that car insurance premiums have reached “extortionate” levels, particularly for people who live in the north west of England. Mr. Straw, who has been the labour MP for Blackburn since 1979, said … Continue reading

Cost of Car Insurance Rises by 30pc

The rising cost of car insurance has meant that families will have to pay £843 a year, just for their car insurance. This adds further strain on families who are already under pressure to cope with the sky rocketing cost … Continue reading

A majority of drivers don’t know the benefits of winter tyres

According to research done by a popular website, a vast majority of car insurance policy holders in the UK do know have any knowledge of the advantage of having winter tyres. It was revealed that only six per cent of … Continue reading

Motorists in UK are clueless about car maintenance

A survey done by a car insurance comparison website has revealed startling information about motorists in the UK. A staggering 57% say that they cannot change a car tyre while 47% say that they cannot even find the jack, and … Continue reading

Provide Full Details To Get Cheap Quotes, Say Car Insurance Experts

Insurance companies have advised drivers to ensure that they provide as much details as possible while obtaining car insurance premiums, so as to receive the best quotes. While looking for car insurance comparison, most drivers prefer to look for quotes … Continue reading