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Car insurance customers finding ways to reduce motoring cost

Majority of the car owners are now less using their car to reduce the rising motoring cost. Around 48% of the car owners are cutting their trips so as to control the increasing motoring cost. The rural drivers are found … Continue reading

Car Insurance Old Drivers Safer on UK roads

According to the RAC Foundation report, the elderly drivers have better safety records as compared to their counterparts. But the government is forcing the old motorists to undergo the driving test which does not seem necessary after the reports. The … Continue reading

The car insurance customer fatigue causing accident

The tired and fatigue drivers are unable to concentrate on road thereby increasing the chances of meeting an accident. According to a recent report of The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents the driver’s fatigue is connected with the … Continue reading

Prevent Accidents to Reduce Insurance Quotes

With decrease in road causalities the UK roads have become safer benefitting both the provider as well as insurance owner. Less accidents means less claims and the insurance owner need not to worry about hike in premium. The lowering accident … Continue reading

Get low insurance quotes with safe cars

The new vehicles are coming with more safety features which help the car owners to get low insurance quotes. The cars with safety gadgets ensure its security and hence increase the faith of the providers. The provider offers good discount … Continue reading

Protect Car Contents to Save Insurance Claims

The car insurance experts warn the parents to avoid leaving the valuable baby equipments in the car overnight to prevent any probable accident. According to a research, parents leave the baby equipments worth several thousands in the cars making the … Continue reading

Emphasis on Car Insurance Cover

According to a new survey, the UK motorists might be thankful to their car insurance provider for the insurance cover that protects them in emergency. After the survey of 40,000 vehicles one-third were found to be failed to use indicators, … Continue reading

Uninsured Drivers Forced To Buy Insurance Cover

The car owners who do not wish to buy car insurance cover will now forced to declare their car off road. If your car remains off road most of the time then also there is a need to get statutory … Continue reading

Many Seatbelt-Free Drivers May Invalidate Their Car Insurance Policy

The car insurance owners driving unsafely without wearing seatbelt are not following the terms of their insurance policy. The insurance companies specify the usage of seatbelt to the car owner in the insurance policy documents, which most of the customers … Continue reading

Retain No Claim Bonus to Get Maximum Car Insurance Discount

In the current scenario of rising insurance premium, every car owner tries to get maximum discount on the insurance cover. One can purchase a worthwhile insurance policy from car insurance comparison site after a proper review of all the car … Continue reading