Monthly Archives: May 2011

Car Modifications Leading to Rise in Insurance Cost

The modifications in your car might increase the insurance cover cost by 101%. While flaunting your newly installed alloy wheels or car phone among your friends, you might have to face the skyrocket cost of the car insurance. According to … Continue reading

Concentration on Roads Can Prevent High Insurance Premiums

According to a recent survey, men are more likely to crash down due to distraction as compared to their female counterparts. The male motorists get easily distracted during driving thus twice more likely to indulge in an accident than women … Continue reading

Inconsistent Insurance Reporting Affect Consumer Perception

The growing inefficiency and inconsistency in current insurance reporting is leading to under- evaluation of top insurance companies. The lack of quality in insurance reporting has worried the insurance analyst, as it might influence the perception of the consumers towards … Continue reading

Formula One Stars Joined Car Insurance Campaign

The formula one star motorists participated in the campaign of road safety along with the prime minister. In a recent initiative by the government for road safety, British Formula One (F1) drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button and Prime Minister … Continue reading

Instant Fines To Irresponsible Drivers Might Affect Car Insurance

The charity organisation welcomes the coalition government’s new proposal to make UK roads safe to drive for auto insurance policyholders. The number of road accidents is on rise due to careless drivers, but the implementation of new proposal on safety … Continue reading

Myths related to Discrimination on Insurance Premium Due To Car Colour

Many car owners are of the opinion that the car colour influences the insurance premium. The motorists believe that the black cars are hard to see in night while white cars are easier to locate. The red cars are perceived … Continue reading

Service Stations Losing Charm For Car Insurance Owners

The car insurance owners in UK are snubbing the service stations due to their cost and dirtiness. The motorists claim that the service stations in UK are expensive and not enough clean so they avoid using them. According to a … Continue reading

Reduce Car Repair Bills By Routine Checks

According to a new research this year the car insurance owners will have to bear huge unwanted repair bill due to the deteriorating condition of cars. The worse car condition not only affects the car driving but also the car … Continue reading

Maintain Your Car To Get Low Insurance Quotes

The drivers are not confident on doing routine checks by themselves, which is affecting the maintenance of the vehicles and their performance. The unknown fear in the mind of car users is increasing the cost of maintenance for UK road … Continue reading

Effect of Comprehensive Spending Review on British drivers

The rising insurance premium is already causing problem to the car owners and the deteriorating UK road conditions further add to the damage of the car. The car either meets with an accident or gets damaged severely due to heavy … Continue reading