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Prevent Insurance Claim By Protecting Your Car Against Theft

After the car theft, none of the car owner wishes to have rise in insurance premium which will make you pay for the stolen items from the car. But the car owners who do not wish to pay more for … Continue reading

Get easy compensation through before the event insurance cover

Before the event insurance cover offers flexible insurance solutions to the car owner in the event of any accident. This policy cover offers legal fee expenditure to deal with the accident case efficiently after the collision. The legal cases are … Continue reading

Distraction Causes Accident And Hike In Insurance Premium

Distraction while driving is a major reason behind accidents, and men are more likely to get distracted as compared to women. You can get suitable car insurance quotes for your vehicle at car insurance comparison site. According to a survey, … Continue reading

Insurance rates are rising at rocket high speed

The car insurance premium rates have gone sky high with 40% increase within a year. The comprehensive car insurance policy is quite expensive while third party, theft and fire insurance cover are most expensive. The extra optional car insurance cover … Continue reading

MOT testing might result in unmaintained cars and insurance hike

The cars will now undergo MOT test after two years according to the new plans of MOT testing by the government. The new considerations of MOT testing will bring the UK vehicle testing system closer to the relaxed European norm … Continue reading

Undue Driving Risk Increases Insurance Premium

UK drivers can avoid taking undue risk while driving but the motorists indulge in unnecessary risks while driving. Mostly people do not like to behave in boundaries so they try to take risks, and at certain occasions, these errors cause … Continue reading

Iphone App Reminds Insurance Renewal To Drivers

Now the drivers will get a great help in combating their motoring cost and remembering the automotive work with iphone application. The new multi-utility application has clickable easy to use options for the drivers. The application is designed for easy … Continue reading

Save money with car insurance comparison site

With rise in insurance premium, you can still save money on insurance policy through comparison sites. The insurance premium is hiking but with comparison site, you can obtain lower rate of premium. This can help you in getting affordable insurance … Continue reading

Look for Car insurance for Risky Driving By Morning-After Drink

The percentage of UK drivers driving after drinking at parties is rising leading to increased risk on roads for any collision or accident. Around four out of five UK drivers have admitted that they have driven their car in morning … Continue reading

Displayed personal items increases insurance premium for women

According to a female insurer, the female drivers are putting themselves on risk of theft by displaying personal items in the car. This unnecessary risk taken by the female expose their vehicle to thieves and increases the chances of stealing. … Continue reading