Monthly Archives: March 2011

Rise In Eco Friendly Insurance

The motorists are now keen on buying eco friendly car insurance especially the student drivers. The UK roads now see more of hybrid cars running making many motorists to take up green eco insurance. According to a survey, around 74% … Continue reading

Get Insurance Benefit With New Car Registration Plate

The new car registration plates will help you in keeping your car insurance premium down. The benefits of the new car registration plates have delayed many car purchases till March, as the car owners want to get the new plates … Continue reading

Save On Insurance By Becoming Car Club Member

The rise in car insurance premium has resulted in rise in City Car Club membership. According to the CEO of city car club, more and more of the drivers are joining the Car Club, as they do not want to … Continue reading

Auto Insurance Gender Directive Impact

The new ECJ ruling has created fear among women driver about hike in insurance premium soon, as the benefit on premium they used to enjoy earlier will be ruled out soon. Now the insurer will not be able to use … Continue reading

Tough Driving Test Results In Lowered Insurance Premium

The tough driving test will make the car insurance customers to be least involved in any kind of accident or damage. The current driving test of Britain must become more rigorous to sharpen the driving skills. Many lives are lost … Continue reading

Insurance Premium Rises With Time

A recent poll regarding the comparison between the today‚Äôs driving and 20 years ago driving reveals the motorists likes and dislikes during both the periods. The poll gives some interesting answers but not big surprises, as the motorists and common … Continue reading

Old Cars Insurance Holders- Beware

The car owners who believe that their old cars are safe as compared to new stylish cars must think twice. According to a new survey, the older cars are favourites of thieves. The most frequently stolen cars are Nissan Sunny, … Continue reading

Speedy Cars Might Hike Insurance Premium

The UK government is planning to raise the national speed limit on UK motorways to 80mph. This rise in speed is sending wrong safety message to the drivers as they are driving fast and the number of causalities and accidents … Continue reading

Effective Police Action Forces To Get Car Insurance

The new law of getting your car insured has not only awakened the consumers but also the police. The consumers have started searching good and affordable insurance policy for their vehicle at car insurance comparison site. The car whether in … Continue reading

Drivers Born Outside Britain Charged More Insurance Premiums

The drivers born out of UK are paying heavy premium prices due to their birth location. The insurer is charging the motorists differently if they are born out of the country. The insurer finds the credibility of the drivers born … Continue reading