Monthly Archives: February 2011

No Insurance Cover For Misfuelled Cars Of Young Drivers

The young drivers do not get any insurance cover if the car met with an accident or breakdown after refuelling the vehicle. Sometimes, the young car owners use wrong fuel in hurry that causes damage or breakdown of the car. … Continue reading

Car Theft Crime Effecting Insurance

The car theft crime is rising as drivers usually leave their mobile phone and bags in the car that cause car insurance claim. If the driver making insurance claim due to the theft crime shows his irresponsibility and the insurance … Continue reading

Police To Seize Cars From Driveways Or Garages With No Insurance

Now the police do not have to wait for any judicial agreement to seize the cars without any insurance. According to the new regulations, the police can seize the cars without insurance whether on driveways or standing in garage. Every … Continue reading

Gamers Might Pay Heavy Insurance Premium Due To Worse Driving

According to a new research, the motorists who frequently play driving games are worse drivers. The gamers are less competent behind the wheels and so are less efficient drivers. The gamers drive cars on screen and by regular practice perceive … Continue reading

New Proposals on Personal Injury Insurance by Lawyers

The Justice Secretary has restricted “no win, no fee” of personal injury lawyers by introducing green paper on civil litigation costs. According to the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, the new ruling will only “hit the weakest the hardest”. Both … Continue reading

Now The Personal Injury Claims Will Be Done Quickly

The new reforms by the Ministry of Justice have been applauded by the Association of British Insurers with speedily justice to road traffic accident personal injury claims. The new reforms are applicable to the injury claims between £1,000 and £10,000 … Continue reading

Pay Your Insurance Bill On Time

If you miss the car insurance bill payment, you might be dragging yourself in risk, as if a collision occurs then your insurance company will not cover you. The consequences of being delayed can end up as costly affair. It … Continue reading

Staged Accidents Victimising the Insurance Owners

According to a new research more and more of accidents happening in UK are staged. While questioning the motorists involved in the accidents during last two years, one out of 20 motorists believe that he has become the victim of … Continue reading

How does a car insurance comparison site work

Car insurance comparison sites team up with a range of different insurers allowing them to provide a large number of quotes, ordered by the lowest first. This allows the consumer to select the cheapest or quote that’s right for them. … Continue reading

Tough Government Rules Will Bring In More Car Insurance by Uninsured Drivers

The UK has the highest number of uninsured drivers in Western Europe. According to the Motor Insurer’s Bureau, the uninsured drivers have injured 23,000 people and killed around 160 so; there is a link between the uninsured drivers and unsafe … Continue reading