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Buy Accident Forgiveness to Control the Rising Premium Charges

If you have met with an accident and fearing the hike in the car insurance policy then save yourself by adding accident forgiveness clause in your policy. With accident forgiveness, your car insurance premium charges remain same. The accident forgiveness … Continue reading

Get Good Car Insurance Deal After Research and Planning

You can buy good car insurance policy after little planning and research, as the market is today full of choices. You can easily search good options at car insurance comparison site online for affordable prices. The competitive car insurance sector … Continue reading

Get a Right Car Insurance Policy for Your Vehicle

After entering the basic information in the car insurance comparison site, it is a known fact that one can get the auto insurance quote estimates for the vehicle. Though auto insurance quotes site helps in getting a suitable quote while … Continue reading

Reduce the Car Insurance Premium of Young Drivers by Driving Tracker

The young drivers are perceived as high-risk drivers as they are mainly involved more in crashes and damages. Now they can reduce on the car insurance premium by fitting a spy-in-the-car box to get the information about the driving habits. … Continue reading

Save On Tax and Insurance by Buying Hybrid Vehicles

The hybrid vehicles are becoming a popular choice among the drivers due to their cheap car insurance price. These futuristic modes of transportation are fuel-efficient and emit low so environment friendly along with getting insurance discounts. These future cars have … Continue reading

The Car Crime in Winter Rises Warned by the Insurance Company

The danger of car crime will increase this winter according to a car insurance company. That is why the insured motorists have been warned to beware of such dangers to avoid any theft of their vehicle. The car owners need … Continue reading

The non-insurers need to get an insurance policy soon

If you have forgotten to renew your insurance policy then your vehicle might go for the scrapheap. It is important to have a car insurance policy for the safety of the driver and the car but still there are so … Continue reading

Motor Insurers Accused of Profiteering from Bad Weather

Due to the extended winter season this time, the insurers are forced to pay extra premium price for using winter tyres in their vehicle. According to car insurance comparison site, some of the car insurance companies are charging the insurers … Continue reading

Online Car Insurance – The Latest and Greatest

If you are spending a lot of money and time in searching for a good car insurance policy then take the advantage of online facility. In the past two years, the number of people searching the right insurance policy for … Continue reading

Will Car Insurance See Further Rise in 2011

The car insurance premium was high with 38.2 per cent in 2010 and expected to go further in 2011. The insurance industry experts are saying that due to years of unprofitable trading, the insurance companies are rising the premium charges … Continue reading