Monthly Archives: December 2010

Insurance Sector Hit with Rising Fraud Claims

The current status in the insurance supermarket is gloomy. The insurance sector has been hit by a series of inflictions that has shaken its very core. It has been reported by the leading insurance group in UK, Which, that there … Continue reading

Rental Car Insurance- The Dos and Donts

Often we end up in a situation where we need to rent a car. Given such a time, the most obvious and troubling question that comes up is that of rental car insurance. Whether or not one should take up … Continue reading

Start Out By Knowing About Car Insurance

When it comes to car insurance, we all remember the crucial stage where we feel like we know nothing. Whether it is the time you are buying your first car or whether you have just cleared your driving test, or … Continue reading

Winter Tyres- A Good Investment Against Insurance Claims and Rising Premiums

It has been mentioned time and again by many of the car insurance comparison sites that following the advice from the insurance sector is often helpful in bringing down the insurance claims. Given the recent weather conditions, the best way … Continue reading

Brits Skipping Insurance Rise, Report from a Leading Insurance Giant

A recent report from one among the leading car insurance comparison sites in Britain shows that about one in every six Britons have been driving on the UK roads without a valid insurance cover. The online comparison website, Moneysupermarket has … Continue reading

Higher Car Insurance Premiums to Penalize Responsible UK Drivers

As the winters set in, many responsible UK drivers have shifted to well-fitted winter tyres that are often considered essential for the winter months in several European countries. However, many car insurance companies have unreasonably increased their rates of premium … Continue reading

Prepare Yourself for a Cold Shoulder from the Insurance Companies

The talk of the insurance sector completely revolves around the current winter weather. It is definite that insurance premiums as well as the lives of motorists are at a greatest risk in these uncertain weather conditions. Just last week, AA … Continue reading

Online Insurance Comparison Saves Your Time and Money

Although, the conventional methods of comparing the insurance quotes are still in use, the online car insurance comparison sites have taken the lead in the show. The online version of the insurance quotes comparison has come out to be handy … Continue reading

Change Your Car Tyres for Lower Insurance This Winter

A recent report from one among the leading tyre safety organisation in UK talks about the way improper tyres have been affecting the insurance premiums of the insurance holders. The magazine, TyreSafe has confirmed that ill-fitting winter tyres are one … Continue reading

Reduce Insurance Claims with Snow Socks This Winter

One among the leading car manufacturers Vauxhall has brought forth a new solution for the UK roads this winter. The company has launched a range of snow socks, an attempt to reduce the mounting number of insurance claims that have … Continue reading