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Stricter Law Implication Shows Promise of Lowered Insurance Premiums

The car insurance comparison sites have always been troubled with the rogue drivers and the insurance industry experts believe that half the crisis within the sector is a direct result of the accidents that these motorists have caused. However, very … Continue reading

Comparing Quotes Within the Insurance Sector- The Best Way to Do So

If you have been wondering how and where to compare the insurance quotes for your car, your troubles are soon to find an answer. Since the early days of finding insurance cover, more and more people have resorted to the … Continue reading

Beware of the Con Car Sales Sabotaging Your Car Insurance

The insurance supermarket has been haunted by the ghosts of car con sales along with the fraud scams that have been reincarnated with the global downturn. Although, these scams have been the direct cause for the splurge in the insurance … Continue reading

Cars that Could Save You on Insurance

Car insurance comparison sites often offer insight as to which cars have the best chance of gaining a better insurance deal. You should understand that the car model is your make and break deal with your insurer. Offer them a … Continue reading

Driving Offences Up Your Insurance Premium

Motorist who have received penalty points on their driving license are bound to pay a higher insurance premium than their counterparts., a leader among the car insurance comparison sites states that if you are known to your insurance company … Continue reading

Having the Right Car Insurance Important for Your Car

The kind of insurance that you have for your car is of vital importance as it helps you in tackling the issues that may pop up during an economic crisis. Getting an insurance cover from the various car insurance comparison … Continue reading

Comparing Car Insurance Companies the Best Way to Reduce Insurance Premiums

Car insurance comparison sites have been facing a new problem with the insurance customers that they claim has been one among the top reasons for increasing the insurance premiums. It has been seen that often the insurance customers do not … Continue reading

BIBA Offers Rescue Efforts for the Car Insurance Sector in UK

With the insurance costs revamping the already set records, it is time that the insurance experts and the other authorities do something about the existing situation. In a recent news, MPs as well as BIBA or the British Insurance Brokers … Continue reading

Brace Yourself for Invalid Insurance if it is Your Mistake

Attempts made to get lower insurance premiums have all been thwarted owing to some reason or the other. Given the current condition by which the car insurance sector has been pacing, making silly mistakes could cost you dear amounts. Car … Continue reading

Lying About Insurance Claims Would Make Situation Worse Say Insurance Experts

About a third of the motorists in the UK have been seen to make insurance claims on fraudulent basis. A research from one among the prominent car insurance comparison sites, shows that people would go to the extent of … Continue reading