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Car Insurance Depends on the Car Use among Other Factors

Most of the car insurance comparison sites would not tell you as to what all factors your insurance depends on. For instance, you may have incurred an injury or be a victim of road rage without your insured car in … Continue reading

Insurance Industry and its History with Women Drivers

It is not unknown that car insurance comparison sites have been a tad genuine and lenient for women. It would be a shame not to admit that women are better drivers than men and more responsible when it comes to … Continue reading

Flirting Could be the Ultimate Insurance Premium Addition

United Kingdom has earned the place for being the nation with the maximum number of in-car flirts where the drivers have self-admitted to the fact that they have engaged in flirtatious gestures and talking while on the roads. A survey … Continue reading

How not to Let Your Bank Rip You off of Your Insurance Policies

One of the prominent problems that come with lending from banks and other financial institutions for the insurance is that there are a million hidden clauses that one skips out in the initial stages. These points later pile up and … Continue reading

High Pump prices Knocking Insurance Customers off the Road

One of the biggest concerns while you are driving on the UK roads is the skyrocketing costs of motoring. It is known that most of the car insurance comparison sites have recently raised the bar over the insurance costs, simultaneously … Continue reading

L-Plate Hell may Break Loose on the Insurance Policies for Parents

One among the leading car insurance comparison sites in UK has confirmed that parents have been paying higher insurance costs owing to one small mistake that they commit when it comes to insurance. It is a known fact that parents … Continue reading

Protecting the No Claims Bonus in Your Insurance- Is It Necessary?

Of all the prominent questions that exist in the insurance sector, one that has time and again troubled the insurance holders is that of whether to protect their no claims bonus. It should be understood that building up on the … Continue reading Responds to the Graduate Driver Licensing Program

With the insurance sector struggling with newer crises as to whether ban on the young drivers would be a possible solution, one among the leading car insurance comparison sites believes that more of the younger motorists in UK really … Continue reading

Brits Stand Up for the Teen Drivers against GDL- Tough Week for Insurance Sector

In a twist around the fate, it is seen that most of the UK citizens believe that the young and teen drivers should not be barred from driving during the night times. The recent launch Graduate Driver Licensing or GDL … Continue reading

Do Not Cancel Your Insurance Policy During Mid-Term

The insurance sector has always been known for been incognito and the hidden costs and affairs do not do its reputation any good. In the recent developments in the sector, the insurance customers have been asked to think ahead before … Continue reading