Monthly Archives: August 2010

Important to Protect Your Cars and Insurance Covers

A recent survey conducted by an independent research suggests the UK motorists to be careful with their cars as well as their insurance policies. The research says that more than half, about 56 per cent of the UK motorists have … Continue reading

If You Have a Garage- Use It, It May Lower Your Car Insurance Rate

Garages have always been seen as a place where the household clutters get a decent place. Because of the image that garages have held since ages, a place is hardly given any importance. However, with the changing scenario of the … Continue reading

Good and Bad Drivers Must Be Differently Treated

Car insurance companies consider different segments in the driver population as good and bad drivers. They fail to segregate between the exceptional cases that do not exactly show characteristics of the group in which they belong. It is simple to … Continue reading

Poor Driving Habits and Your Car Insurance

The driving population in the UK comprises of a mixed group with people belonging to the working sector, the retired, while others include the student population. A recent research conducted by one of the prominent car insurance comparison sites revealed … Continue reading

Save Money on Multi Car Insurance Policies

It is a common belief that you can save money by ensuring all your cars under one policy from just a single insurance provide. In reality, you may be paying much more than what you need to pay. Many people … Continue reading

Are You Lying for a Cheaper Car Insurance Premium?

A new research has revealed that about 40 per cent of the car drivers lie to their auto insurance companies for saving money on their premiums. Out of the UK drivers surveyed for the research, 38 per cent of them … Continue reading