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Insurance costs increase as young motorists enter University

Experts have noticed a sharp increase in the car insurances prices for the young motorists in the UK when they start to go to the University. The basic reason for this increase is the car insurance companies like to charge … Continue reading

Car Insurance Cost Set To Rise

Car insurance customers are already facing soaring premium prices. A bad news for them is that the cost of acquiring car insurance policies will soon rise further if the experts are to be believed. A leading car insurer in UK … Continue reading

A Simple Student’s Guide for Car Insurance

For a student, any form of insurance would be a difficult issue. Given that they form the high-risk group for the car insurance, young drivers below the age groups of 25 often land with a heavy premium policy. Although, parents … Continue reading

More Information Necessary on Car Insurance Policies

The car insurance customers often visit car insurance comparison sites to compare various quotes being offered. The charges included in the quotes are often not disclosed clearly to them and they may have to repent their decision of a particular … Continue reading

Save money on car insurance premiums, renew policies online

Motorists in the UK are facing tough times in maintaining their household budgets due to the increasing motoring costs and the soaring premiums of car insurance policies. Renewing a car insurance cover has become almost a military operation as car … Continue reading

Maintain your no-claims insurance discount- GMP

Buying car insurance in the UK is becoming a daunting task. Already soaring motoring costs and the rising fuel prices are adding more to the sky-high car insurance premiums. It has become very important for the UK motorists to compare … Continue reading

Flood-Prone Areas under the Scanner to No Insurance by Car Insurers, Warns ABI

Owing to the extreme climatic differences that UK has been facing for a long time now, it has come out in the notice that these dire circumstances also have the ability to embark a rise in the insurance rates. Because … Continue reading

Participating in the Goodwood Revival? Time to Check the Classic Car Insurance

Coming September will see one of the most important events in the United Kingdom, where for once the modern cars will sit safe in garages while the classic cars will take all the limelight. Goodwood Revival, is simply the best … Continue reading

Know Your Road Signs for a Better Car Insurance Premium

A recent study among the UK car drivers has revealed that most of the drivers have been failing to identify the basic and common road signs. The study further continues to show that the drivers have been neglecting to follow … Continue reading

Government Steps in to Help the Car Insurance Sector with Curb Drug Driving

Car insurance comparison sites believe that more of the law-abiding insurance holders would soon see a decline in the insurance premiums, when a new scheme pertaining to drug driving comes to effect. The plan rolled out by the government has … Continue reading