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12 Per Cent of UK Drivers Swap Penalty Points To Avoid High Car Insurance Premium

A nationwide poll by a leading research company on behalf of a car insurance company has revealed that about 12 per cent of the UK motorists facing driving ban would ask their spouse, relative or friend to take responsibility in … Continue reading

Inadequate Young Drivers on UK Roads- How it Affects their Car Insurance

A study carried on by a famed UK car insurer reveals that new license receivers in UK do not have the requisite road and driving experience. With only about 29.9 hours of driving experience, as opposed to 45 hours and … Continue reading

Not Many Car Insurance Companies Provide Courtesy Car Provision

A research by a financial research company has revealed that there is a huge unevenness in the policies of comprehensive insurance coverage in UK. The research shows that only about 23 per cent of the car insurance companies have standard … Continue reading

Online Car Insurance- An Increasing Trend

The use of car insurance comparison sites has opened a new realm in the car insurance sector. Statistics reveal that there is a yearly increase in the number of people using insurance sites to register for insurance schemes. The insurance … Continue reading

Do You Know Your Car Insurance Group?

Understanding your car insurance begins with knowing the insurance group to which your car belongs. Most of the UK drivers are not aware of their car insurance group. Car insurance comparison sites can be used to determine the car insurance … Continue reading

How to Counter the IPT increase

With the budget being declared, it looks obvious that there will a simultaneous increase in the car insurance rates. Even with the small increase in the IPT, there are chances that it affects the car insurance rates. Car insurance comparison … Continue reading

Car Insurance Claims- What to Do When You Have not Worn a Seat Belt

The first thing that is taught to us even before we start driving is wearing our seat- belts. The laws of all countries emphasise on making use of the seat- belts and the driver is held responsible for all the … Continue reading