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Your License Points Can Increase Your Car Insurance Premium

In UK, vehicle law-breakings are convicted through the system of penalty points. It is a way of punishing the driver for bad driving by adding points on his license. The points increase in accordance with the severity of the offence, … Continue reading

Car Insurance against Flooding

It is advisable that people should read their car insurance policies carefully to have knowledge about the various available eligible compensations. One such disaster is the insured’s car being flooded. This type of disaster may offer the insured more coverage … Continue reading

Are the Current Car Insurance Rates Low

With the world economies and stock markets gradually stumbling back to balanced states, car insurance comparison sites have blatantly declared that this is the right time to compare the premiums levied upon car insurance. In the past year, the amount … Continue reading

Young drivers can save on cost of insurance premiums

An insurance company, specialising in offering car insurance covers to young drivers, carried out a study. According to it, the cost of purchasing car insurance is the biggest hassle for the young drivers to get behind the wheels on the … Continue reading

How To Get Your Imported Car Insured?

The UK roads are increasingly witnessing a number of imported cars that are high in performance level and cheap too. Car insurance companies are a little wary about insuring imported cars. For the usual cars that are available in the … Continue reading

The ABC of Car Insurance

Car insurance is an inescapable expense. Although, the main purpose of car insurances is to cover accidents and liabilities, car insurance does a bit more. Let us go in detail about car insurance. Car insurance is of many types- it … Continue reading

Excess insurance on hired cars unnecessary

A research conducted by a leading insurance specialist company has given startling results. According to this research, millions of pounds are being wastefully spent by British holiday goers who purchase inflated insurance policies from vehicle rental companies. It is also … Continue reading

Car Insurance Rates Lowest In Two Years

The cost of car insurance paid by consumers has dipped the lowest in 24 months. The reason behind this low rate is the customers and drivers who seek for the lowest car insurance. There is a rising demand for the … Continue reading

Legal documents required for a driver

Car insurance is a legal requirement for a vehicle before it is taken out on the UK roads. It protects the vehicles from monetary loss arising from damage to your vehicle in the event of an accident. Various car insurance … Continue reading

Insurance policy for mature drivers

Different researches on driving skills of varied age groups are being used by insurance companies. These companies are carefully targeting specific age groups with different insurance premiums. Mature drivers are believed to show better driving skills than young drivers, if … Continue reading