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Find tailor made car insurance policy from car insurance comparison sites

It is a common thing among the drivers when they buy the cheapest car insurance cover and when it comes to making claims, that some car insurance is not enough to insure or protect them. Car insurance covers should always … Continue reading

Why use car insurance comparison sites

With the sword of recession swinging over the head, the car insurance industry in UK is worsening by the time. The average comprehensive car insurance policy premiums are now touching the sky and costing drivers as heavy as £1000 per … Continue reading

Car insurance options for older customers

Majority of car insurance companies are discriminating against old drivers by limiting the travel covers with age. According to the research by postcode insurance, half of these insurance companies are excluding drivers who are of 80 years or more. This … Continue reading

Confused boosts motor insurance panel’s panel of motor insurance providers has a new entry and the entrant is Nationwide. For the next six months you will be able to see nationwide with as they have appeared on an aggregator. The commercial managers at … Continue reading

Commercial car insurance guide

Businesses that use cars should get a commercial insurance done. It is important to buy commercial car insurance as it affects the business directly. As in case of a delivery business that is dependent on vehicles, business owner can suffer … Continue reading

Does Your Car Insurance Cover Hackers?

In the month of February, hundreds of people found their cars honking uncontrollably and were shocked to see that. Most of the people were surprised to find out that their cars were not functioning properly. Police have found a person … Continue reading

Get lower car insurance by polishing your driving skills with help of your parents

Insurance companies plead parents to take the responsibility of their teen drivers. While this is no doubt about the fact that car insurance premiums are rising but a recent research shows that shopping around is more important than ever before … Continue reading

Save money on insurance to cut costs as petrol prices rise

The prices of petrol have increased in the recent years and continue to be so. The prices have hit a high record of 120p per litre. The oil prices are low and are about half of the prices of the … Continue reading

Car insurance comparison sites and insure your car this Easter

Drivers in UK have been warned continuously for the jams on roads due to Easter. The jam is expected to be much more than it used to be earlier. Dispiriting 2009 and harsh winters will motivate many British to take … Continue reading

Is GAP insurance necessary for you?

A number of insurance policies have come up in the market and when you need to buy one, it is possible that you will get confused. One of the policies that you will come across is the GAP insurance or … Continue reading