Monthly Archives: February 2010

Check if your Car insurance covers valuables

Even with the increasing number of road accidents, it is funny that people still think why car insurance is important for them. One should understand that car insurance is as important as buying a vehicle. Infact it is not legal … Continue reading

Drug driving affecting car insurance rates

Car insurance clients will be concerned to find out that problem of drug driving is more than it has been estimated. According to road safety campaign that was recently held any the group brakes, claims that the conviction rates for … Continue reading

Find a good car insurance policy and drive safe

A lot of times, drivers are persuaded to make car insurance claims even when do not stand at fault. But there are also times when drivers can have a laugh and learn from misgivings of other drivers. Below mentioned are … Continue reading

Five-year-old cars top in claims ratings

If you are into driving for last five years, it means that the insurance companies may add you to the group of people who are ‘most likely to claim’. Virgin money car insurance has carried out a research and found … Continue reading

Reasons for soaring car insurance premiums

Increasing fraud compensation culture, fraud and savvy clients have lead to a sharp increase in the car insurance premiums, according to the latest survey conducted by AA insurance. Frequency of claims on personal injuries by the drivers has hit car … Continue reading

Youngsters of Dumfriesshire top list for uninsured car drivers

It is known to all the insurance holders that there are millions of people across UK who do not have a car insurance policy. When the research for the hot spots of uninsured drivers was done, Dumfriesshire was one of … Continue reading

Car insurance prices rise again

Insurance prices have gone up and everyone who owns a car knows this. The rise has again hit the insurance takers in the New Year. In the previous year, the insurance premium increased by almost 20% and this was a … Continue reading

Younger female drivers too can get cheap car insurance

A number of myths have been doing the rounds that the women who drive cars are different from their male counterparts. The car insurance companies did not consider giving cheap car insurance policies to women for years. Today, the scene … Continue reading

Insurance policies for modified cars are not always expensive

Though modified cars are available at high premiums in UK but if you are looking for competitive deals for getting behind the wheels, then you are certainly not short of choices. You can look into car insurance comparison sites that … Continue reading

Look into car insurance comparison sites and avoid pothole accident expenses

Car insurance claims have soared lately after big freeze as reported by AA insurance. Director of the company exclaimed that they have witnessed four times increase in claims due to the damage caused by potholes as compared to last year. … Continue reading