Monthly Archives: November 2009

Car insurance shopping is need of the hour

It has become extremely important for drivers to make sure that they have shopped around enough before buying car insurance policy. With a lot of companies saturating market competition in car insurance, it gets necessary for people looking for car … Continue reading

Comparison sites for finding best car insurance at your home comfort

Searching the finest car insurance quotes and comparing the different kinds of car insurance coverage is much simpler than it was. Online, you can simply search for the most suitable insurance deals from car insurance comparison sites, which further gives … Continue reading

Car insurance advice for drivers in strong gales

Driving cars on roads is not easy and there are a lot of problems and obstacles faced by the drivers. The weather conditions play a major role in deciding the fate of the drivers while on the road. Every year, … Continue reading

Reduce amount on your car insurance premium through car insurance comparison sites

The premiums on car insurance can be reduced, when you take out some time prior to renewing the policy. If you have made a tidy no claims bonus then it is not advisable to accept the renewal quote from the … Continue reading

Trim car insurance costs

You may have got the best deal while buying your favorite new car but you will have to pay heed while insuring it. New cars insurance policies are usually more expensive, especially when you are financing it. It is so … Continue reading

Drivers warned over consumption of caffeine drinks

You must have heard of the regulation that warns the people against drunken driving. Under the law it is not permitted to drink and drive and if you are found guilty, you will have to pay penalties as well. There … Continue reading

Women seeking car insurance policies online now

If things turn according to women drivers, they would visit women only garages and would buy car insurance policies that are specifically taken out for women. These female drivers are voting to show that they would want to visit women … Continue reading

Lessons to be learnt by young drivers

The car insurance surveys bring forth some shocking facts. A survey was conducted by the Co-operative Insurance and Brake which is a road safety charity and the research revealed that 30% of young drivers admit that they have indulged in … Continue reading

Fines being considered cheaper than car insurance premiums

Car insurance is one of the most important items that everyone needs to buy. The car insurance policies are many and it sometimes become difficult for the car owner to choose the car insurance policy. The car insurance policies have … Continue reading

Hunting for car insurance policy through best comparison sites

One can see lot of advertisements of car insurance comparison sites bombarding on the screens of television, but one has differentiate between good and bad ones. By following smart approach you can get through a suitable car insurance cover through … Continue reading