Monthly Archives: October 2009

Learner drivers duped of their money

This news may be a cause of worry for the parents whose children are learning driving or for the people who themselves are learning how to drive a car. According to a research conducted by Young marmalade, which is a … Continue reading

Best car insurance deals at your fingertips now

A detailed comparison should be carried out by the drivers to get best bargains on car insurance policies. Detailed information and a peep in the present insurance cover of your car can help you get better deals. In absence of … Continue reading

Women with no insurance at more risk during winters

The RAC conducted a research and it has been found out that almost 31% of the total motorists do not have roadside breakdown cover and they are at more risk of being stranded in the middle of the road as … Continue reading

Get low cost car insurance with car insurance comparison sites

Who does not want to save money? We all look for different ways to save money on shopping with the best of bargains. Car insurance is no exception; we all want to have cost effective and reliable deals to cater … Continue reading