Monthly Archives: October 2009

Small players in car insurance market on the verge of extinction

Number of price comparison sites is expected to fall in coming years. A recent research revealed that the underwriting losses suffered by car insurance market are to be held responsible for the crunch in market. This leaves small insurers unable … Continue reading

Do not drop but shop for your car insurance policy

Recession has hit all of us very hard; we are making the most of money. Pinched by job losses, pay cuts and monetary hardships, a lot drivers are opting to drop their car insurance policies for saving money. The numbers … Continue reading

Car insurance comparison sites- An efficient support system for drivers

In the current economic crunch, all of us are looking for ways to save money in different areas of our lives and Car insurance is one of them. To save money on car insurance, car insurance comparison sites are providing … Continue reading

Extended Vandalism cover in the policies for over-50

If you are more than 50 years of age and are fearful that your car may suffer due to vandalism, put your fears aside. Saga, which is a specialist car insurance provider, has decided that every policy will have an … Continue reading

Car insurance comparisons to save your valuable time

If you want compare car insurance policies, getting in touch with insurance dealers individually can be a laborious and time consuming task. You can use internet and contact many car insurance dealers under one roof now. Carrying out car insurance … Continue reading

14 % rise in Car insurance premiums

According to a recent survey, car insurance costs have witnessed fastest increase in premiums in last fifteen years. The drivers who are not shopping for car insurance policies are facing typical premium of around £821 for comprehensive covers and the … Continue reading

Finding the best car insurance policies

In today’s internet driven world, the question of finding cost effective car insurance policies no more haunts the hearts of drivers. Without wasting time and efforts, car insurance comparison sites lets the drivers have the best of car insurance deals. … Continue reading

Smart tips to save a great deal of money on your car insurance

If you have a car, it becomes necessary for you to have a car insurance policy and if you do not have one, there is a possibility that you will be caught by the road traffic personnel. Just to save … Continue reading

Make car insurance comparisons using internet

All of us have heard from experts that the key to get the best of car insurance deals is by using the car insurance comparison sites. In today’s fast paced world, people use internet for comparing different car insurance policies. … Continue reading

Put your car in garage to make savings on insurance premiums

Everyone is looking forward to making some great savings on car insurance premiums as the economy is going through a meltdown. Due to job cuts and loss of income, many people have even given up their car insurance policies in … Continue reading