1st Central Car Insurance

Car insurance providers have had to change in almost every aspect of the way they operate since the advent of the Internet. Gone are the days when a Yellow Pages’ advert as a marketing strategy would suffice, today’s car insurance providers need a unique selling point; excellent customer service and competitive pricing alongside other such standards as unique advertising.


With price comparison websites offering an instant comparison between the policies of various car insurance companies, the importance of standing out from competitors is greater than ever. Companies need to go that extra mile to maximise business, making sure that every area of the company is tailored to differentiate it from competitors. Take 1st Central car insurance as an example. Alongside the standard services you would expect from an insurance provider, 1st Central Car Insurance sets itself apart from others by promoting the fact it does not outsource, only using a UK call centre, removing jargon from all publications to ensure everything is easy to understand for customers and promoting feedback at every stage of the insurance process.


In this way the policies that 1st central car insurance offers are differentiated from those of competitors through the above key points. Car insurance providers will differ in many respects, often promoting key points in order to gain your custom. Therefore it is always worth shopping around to find the car insurance provider that will best suit your individual needs. For example some car insurance providers may offer a free courtesy car (perfect if your car is unreliable) whilst others may promote their insurance with an offer of free breakdown cover.


Insurance providers can differ in their clientele too. Some insurance providers deal only with women drivers, whilst others focus on more experienced drivers by offering greater reduced rates than their competitors for multiple no claims years. Furthermore some insurance providers prefer to cover younger drivers (making this their unique selling point) and more still will promote their business through family or joint policies, making their preferred clients partners or families.


For this reason, it is always worth looking not only at the cheapest price but how the company will look after you as an individual, how they will treat your renewal one year down the line and the hidden extras that they may charge for any claim on the insurance.

On the surface each car insurance provider may seem identical, differing only in price, but this is not the case. Companies do have differences, for the better mostly, as this provides greater choice for the consumer and allows you to tailor your car insurance in the way that best suits you.


Price comparison websites are excellent in giving you an overview of policy differences but next time you go to renew (or purchase for the first time) your car insurance, make sure you check out the company website too, as this will be where you will find how the company differentiates itself from others, how they operate and you may even be offered a better deal.