1 month car insurance

There are many instances when temporary use of a car is needed, whether it’s for a holiday in the UK, a temporary job or simply borrowing a friend or relative’s vehicle while they’re away. Whatever it’s used for, deciding what sort of car insurance is needed can be a daunting prospect. With so many different companies around and a plethora of different combinations to consider, here are some things to bear in mind when looking at 1 month car insurance policies.


When a person requires temporary use of a car, many motorists’ first idea is to insure the temporary driver on the owner’s existing policy. While this can be a simple solution, it can also be risky. If the owner of the vehicle has a respectable no claims bonus, any accident on their cover, whether it’s the main driver’s fault or not can put the bonus, and therefore the accompanying discount, in jeopardy.

Benefits of 1 month car insurance

By arranging 1 month car insurance, another motorist can use the car and be covered for any eventuality while still offering the car’s owner more peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that their no claims bonus will remain secure no matter what.

1 month car insurance can also be particularly useful for young drivers. The average cost of an annual insurance policy for a motorist in the 17 – 22 demographic is currently £2,294; almost £1,400 more than the £924 average for a driver over the age of 25. As many young drivers only really need the use of a car on a temporary basis such as a student home from university for a month over Easter, 1 month car insurance can provide a great, cheap alternative to an annual policy which can quickly become an unnecessary expense if the car is only rarely used.

There are plenty of instances with driving when circumstances change and the motorist’s insurance company needs to be informed so that their temrs can reflect these changes. Buying a new car is one such example; when a new vehicle is purchased, there is often a waiting list which means that the new owner is either stuck with their old car or forced to rent or borrow a temporary alternative. Making these changes to an existing policy can be tiresome and incur unnecessary charges. Taking out 1 month car insurance instead can eliminate some of those stresses and keep things simple and straightforward.

No matter what you need 1 month car insurance for, there is a policy out there to suit everyone. The key to finding the best quotes is to dedicate a little bit of time to research and compare different quotes. Car insurance comparison can be easily done online and can quickly and efficiently sort through a variety of insurance companies to find the most suitable policy at the best price.