1 Day Car Insurance

Have you ever been in need of a car for a short amount of time? Perhaps you were moving house, going on holiday or taking a day trip. There may have even been an emergency that involved the use of a vehicle for a brief period. For whatever reason, most of us have been in a situation that would have been made much easier had we had access to a car at short notice.

Of course, no car is complete, or legal, without proper insurance and that is where 1 day car insurance can help. This will give you the ability to legally drive your car, or a borrowed vehicle, for a short period of time, affording you the ability of using a car when you need it most.

As the name suggests, 1 day car insurance can be set up for as little as 1 day, but the length of time can be extended, too. However, if you are looking for car insurance for a period of over a month it may be more worthwhile to look at temporary car insurance instead; as this may be a cheaper option in the long run.

If you are unsure as to the period of time you will need the car, then 1 day car insurance is perfect as it will also allow you to keep adding days as necessary, giving you the cover and peace of mind that you need while driving. Simply call the insurance provider to arrange extra days then begin driving immediately or at your leisure.

There are even some car insurance providers that specialise in 1 day insurance cover or temporary insurance cover. These are often the best companies to go for as they understand how these insurance policies work and will be able to offer advice on the matter too. Such providers will be very knowledgeable in these sorts of policies and, as it is their speciality, are often the cheapest for these forms of insurance.

However, this kind of insurance is not always available to search on normal price comparison websites (although some will offer the comparisons), and some providers do not offer such a service. It is therefore important to do your research before entering into a contract or proceeding with 1 day car insurance, just to be sure that you have the best deal and you know what sort of circumstances your insurance will cover you for.

But if you are ever stuck without a car, wishing that you had one for a short amount of time, this sort of insurance will be perfect for you, allowing you to drive and covering you in case of an accident.

The insurance will often be more expensive ‘per day’ than a year’s insurance due to the greater risk involved in insuring a driver that the company do not know much about, but as a short term measure 1 day car insurance offers the perfect solution.